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Auburn Company Develops Idle Lock for Police Vehicles

Jan 12, 2015 01:33PM ● By Kevin

InterMotive has developed a new safety system for police vehicles, according to a recent article on The system allows the police officer to leave his or her vehicle running and equipment on with the key removed from the ignition and the vehicle locked in park.

The product is called Idle Lock. It is standalone “plug and play” system (no additional components required) that secures the gun rack and truck by locking them when the system is active. It retails for $199, currently works on the Ford Interceptor (other chassis coming soon), and can be purchased from police vehicle upfitters and dealers.

InterMotive is based in Auburn. The company designs and manufactures vehicle control systems for the transit, school bus, personal-use, work truck, and emergency response markets. To learn more about its products call 800-969-6080, visit its website at or contact one of a dealer.